What are Vitamins? 

Vitamins are organic molecules that our body needs and gets from our diet. There are thirteen needed by humans and those are separated into two groups: Water-solubles and fat-solubles

What Are the Differences Between Water- and Fat-Soluble Vitamins? 

The major difference between the two is where your body stores them and what it does when you consume too much. If your body has too much of a water-soluble vitamin it will get rid of it easily through urinating. Fat-soluble vitamins, on the other hand, are deposited into body fat. This makes getting rid of too much difficult and can result in toxic levels. 

Meet the Water-Soluble Vitamins


  • peanuts, whole grains, legume
  • Symptoms of deficiency: tingling, reduced heart function, poor coordination


  • meats, dairy, grains, veggies
  • Symptoms of deficiency: cracks in skin, often around the mouth


  • grains, meats, nuts
  • Symptoms of deficiency: confusion, delusions, skin and digestive problems


  • whole grains, fruits, dairy, veggies, meats
  • Symptoms of deficiency: Tired, tingling, numbness


  • whole grains, veggies, meats
  • Symptoms of deficiency: anemia, muscular twitching, iritability, convulsions


  • veggies, meats, legumes
  • Symptoms of deficiency: skin, neural, musculature problems


  • oranges, nuts, whole grains, green veggies, legumes
  • Symptoms of deficiency: anemia


  • dairy, eggs, meats
  • Symptoms of deficiency: numbness, loss of balance, anemia


  • broccoli, tomatoes, citrus
  • Symptoms of deficiency: scurvy (teeth and skin deterioration), problems with wound healing

Meet the Fat-Soluble Vitamins


  • dairy, orange and dark green veggies and fruits
  • Symptoms of deficiency: blindness, immunity problems, skin problems


  • eggs, dairy
  • Symptoms of deficiency: bone problems


  • seeds, nuts, vegetable oils
  • Symptoms of deficiency: nervous system problems


  • teas, green vegetables
  • Symptoms of deficiency: Blood clotting problems


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