This cool VEGAN salad is a snap to throw together and perfect for packed lunches! I made a big batch today- I chopped everything while the bulgur wheat cooked (it only takes about 10 minutes) so that I just had to toss & chill! It’s one of those fantastic dishes that gets better as it sits in the fridge, tastes great, and just happens to be filled with fresh flavors and healthy whole grains!

Here’s a few ways to enjoy it use any of these ideas as a packed lunch for school or work! The tabbouleh will easily stay fresh in your favorite lunch box with a small ice pack!

  • Eat it plain as a side dish or snack! It’s delicious as is!
  • Throw it on a pita with a few falaffel
  • Serve on a raw veggie platter with peppers, cucumbers, hummus & pitas
  • Put a scoop on top of a bed of baby spinach & add extra lemon
  • Oven roast a bell pepper, stuff with tabbouleh & feta cheese

For more healthy salads recipes go here and for more vegan recipes go here!

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