Who wants to be my botm!  


  • Follow my old botm- borntobeabeast ( who gained about 2,000 followers!- proof).
  • Reblog this post.
  • Be a health/fitness blog!
  •  If you would like to post a little info about you just post it and tag toethefinishline or message me! That way I can know a little about you and your journey! (optional but your chances are more likely)

I will be picking the blog on June 30- so get reblogging!  

I will be choosing the botm myself because I hate the voting things- 1)they are annoying to see on my dash and 2) it just gives popular blogs a chance to gain even more followers . and everyone deserves a fair chance!

If you are my botm then I will link your blog on my blog, add it to the FITBLR DIRCTORY with a link, give you promos throughout the month and when you ask, help you with whatever you need, and be your friend! haha (: 

get reblogging(:

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