Simple Summer Crunchy Carrot Spaghetti with Tofu

Calories: 220

Carbs: 21

Protein: 21


  • 1 small to medium serving of tofu
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 cucumber (the one I’m using is a weird tiny japanese one but use any of your choice)
  • 20g of spring onion
  • Soy sauce

Make sure to rinse all your ingredients and clean your utensils before starting!

  1. Slice the tofu into small segments, or whichever shape you like.
  2. Put the tofu, soy sauce and spring onions in a bowl, along with any other seasoning you want (eg: sesame oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, basil, mint, etc.)
  3. Leave to marinate for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Peel your carrot and shred it into spaghetti like strands – be careful not to shred your fingers along with the carrot at this point!
  5. Peel your cucumber and chop it into thin slices.
  6. Put the contents of the bowl, tofu and marinade and all, into a non stick pan and cook until the tofu is a brownish colour or the marinade has evaporated down to salty sticky caramelized goodness.
  7. Take the tofu off the heat and put your carrot spaghetti in the pan, and add about 3tbsp of water in order for them not to burn. Cook the carrots for about 7 min on medium heat or until they’re slightly grilled and darker in colour.
  8. Pop the cooked tofu and carrot spaghetti on a plate, and add your cucumber for some summer crunch! Add anything else crunchy that you like that goes well with the dish : sesame seeds, peanuts, other fresh veggies, etc.

Have fun with this guys! x

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