How to forearm stand!

This is the way I finally did my forearm stands….
First start with your palms and forearms down on the mat like you’re in a forearm downdog. Take the gaze back to the feet. The elbows should be only shoulder distance apart and the wrists should be a direct extension of them. Spread the fingers wide. Walk the feet up as close as you can to the face so that the hips begin to stack over the shoulders. Square off the hips and raise one leg into the air. Point or flex the flying foot, and come up high onto the toes of the grounded foot. From here practice lightly hopping up. Don’t use too much momentum! Once your legs are in the air and you feel like your alignment is correct, try taking the gaze out in front of you.

From here you can either just bring the legs together or you can try the variation here! Try bringing one foot to the top of the opposite thigh! Whichever variation you choose, always remember to squeeze the inner thighs and stay super strong in the shoulders!!!

Namaste 🙂

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