yoga series for beginners (i)! <:

some of you guys have mentioned that it would be nice if i can include some beginner poses for yoga, and so this yoga guide is for those of you who want to get acquainted with yoga, but not quite sure how. below is a detailed description for each and every pose, and it’s a good series to start with <: 

1. downward facing dog

start off in this position, making sure that your hips are pushed towards the ceiling, your heels reaching (or touching) the floor, and your arm pits opening towards the side, squeezing the shoulder blades on your back and letting your heart sink towards the floor. pedal your legs from side to side to ease into the pose. 

continue breathing slowly and it is a nice relaxing position. you should feel a nice stretch at your calves. gently close your eyes and stay in this position for about 10 breaths. 

2. three legged dog

lift up your right leg, and while doing so, press your left feet towards the ground, grounding your position. make sure that your hips are still leveled, while reaching your right leg as high up as possible. 

make sure that equal weight is still distributed on both your right and left hand side. continue stretching upwards and breathe deeply. stay in this position for about 10 breaths.

3. after which, bend your right knee to meet your forehead. a couple things to note:

  • tilt forward as you shift your right knee towards your forehead such that your shoulder is directly above your wrists
  • hunch your back and engage your core muscles
  • make sure that you are at the tips of the left toes
  • you can alternate between #2 and #3 a couple of times, holding pose #3 for a few breaths at the last alternation. 

4. lunge

from #3, bring your right leg all the way to the front, coming to a forward lunge. make sure that your knee is directly above your ankle, tent your hands such that only your fingerpads are touching the floor, and reach your heart forward. 

you can choose to close your eyes and stay in this pose for a few breaths. 

5. warrior II

once you are ready, reach your hands towards the sky and come to warrior II pose. a few things to note:

  • make sure that your left feet is entirely on the floor, parallel to the back of your mat. 
  • your right knee should be directly above your right ankle. do not go beyond your right ankle, as that might injure your knee
  • shift your right knee slightly towards the right, such that your knee is not collapsing towards the left side. 
  • engage your core and power up your quads, and at the same time, keep your arms straight and light. 
  • stay in this position for around 5 to 10 breaths.

6. exalted warrior

from warrior II, lean back and raise your right arm towards the sky. shift your gaze towards your right hand as well. bend your back but at the same time, do not put all your weight on your left hand. your left hand should still be placed lightly on the back of your left thighs. 

you should feel a nice stretch on the right side of your torso. stay in this position for about 5 to 10 breaths. remember to continue to engage your legs and your core muscles.

7. triangle pose

after that, move your torso towards the front, keeping your right knee bent, and make sure that your right arm is in front of your right knee. your right elbow and right knee should touch, forming a nice triangle between your torso, your arm, and your thigh. 

open your heart up towards the sky and do not hunch your back, making sure that you form a nice, straight plane. you should feel a stretch along the left side of your torso. 

if you feel stable enough, shift your gaze up towards the sky, looking at your left hand. continue to power up your back leg, do not shift your body weight on to your right leg. stay here for 5 to 10 breaths.

8. downward dog

return to your downward facing dog, and repeat the sequence (2 – 7) again on the opposite side. 

9. child’s pose

after completing the sequence on the other side, return to child’s pose. 

big toes to kiss, place your knees on the edge of your mat, allowing your torso to fall gently in between your thighs. place your forehead on the ground, and your arms gently beside your head. 

melt your torso in between your thighs, and you should feel a bit of sensation in your hips. it is a great passive hip opening pose. you can stay there as long as you want.

Remember (CAUTION):

  • always listen to your body. if a certain pose gets too intense for you, back off. when holding on to a pose, always remember to breathe deeply, as that would help you ease into a pose more easily. 


  • helps to decrease back and shoulder pains
  • improves blood circulation
  • stretches and strengthens the thighs and calves muscles
  • strengthens the back and leg muscles
  • opens up the ribs 

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