A Guide to Marathon Running 

I started running competitively at the age of 9 and continued to do so until graduation from college. I loved my time as an NCAA athlete, but as many people will tell you, I had zero intention of ever running another mile after hanging up my spikes 5 years ago. Then along came that fateful first marathon due to peer pressure—the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC—and that was five marathons ago!

So, when I came across the Taking it to the Streets: a Guide to Marathon Running infographic on, I couldn’t resist sharing with our readers. In general, the design is pretty appealing with the exception of the glossary on the road—I think the graphic would start with a pop if the terms were visualized in circular icons like much of the other info!

The visual guide discusses peoples common fears of running, provides a basic 12 week half marathon training schedule (not sure why this doesn’t show an extended 18 week marathon schedule),  and then ends the infographic with a list of major marathons across the country. I was a bit disappointed Cheap Sally didn’t list the dates of each marathon … that would have helped newbie runners!

Beyond the novelty of the infographic itself,  I like how Cheap Sally presumably partnered with Dick’s Sporting Goods to promote coupons for the sports retail giant. Below is from the Cheap Sally

Marathon Factoid: Did you know you can prevent some pretty major running injuries by having the proper running shoes? I had no idea! Good thing I had a Dicks Sporting Good coupon to use on a new pair of sneakers, or I may have been in some serious trouble!

Here are few highlights we found interesting from the infographic:

  • 503,000 runners finished a marathon in 2010
  • Most common running injury is muscle pulls at 32%
  • Youngest runner to complete a marathon is 34 years old
  • Oldest female do the same feat is 92 years old

*Note: There is one error on the infographic regarding the 2012 marathon schedule. The Twin Cities Marathon takes place on Sunday, Oct 7, 2012 not in December.


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